Home Scandal Was covid-19 created to destabilize economies and steal world power domination?

Was covid-19 created to destabilize economies and steal world power domination?

china vs usa covid 19 war meme
Is China guilty of creating covid-19

Did China create Covid-19 as a bio-weapon to destabilize United States and bring an end to their position as global leader of the world, in order to seize power for themselves, and take over the world, like cartoon characters pinky and the brain, check out more memes below, and get enlightened.


66 No country can hold on to world supremacy power forever

Yes, it is very possible, for the novel virus, Covid-19, to bring an end to supremacy of the United states. this is because, it has happened before and it will one day happen again, and to the United States of America.

Mans dominance on planet earth,has been characterized by the rise and fall of different empires, nations and thrones. we all heard about the Persian empire, and how King Xerses unsuccessfully tried to capture Greece. Unfortunately, wars cost a lot of money and the empire fell into decline, and it’s army drained it’s funds severely, later on, they got conquered by Alexander the great, this man tamed the Persian empire same way he tamed his horse, Bucephalus,

There was also the Roman, Ottoman, and British empire, but this was before the reign of the Americans or the American Empire, as it will be referred, by our grand kids and future generations. The Americans cemented their claim to the throne by dropping two nuke heads in Japan’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but fast forward to today, the weapon of warfare are not fire power, they are things the human eyes cant even see, this weapons include, Cold wars, trade wars, bio-wars?.

Here are more memes explaining why China government may be guilty and pulling strings, from behind a curtain.

6. No country can hold on to world supremacy power forever
stay at home and stay safe from covid-19

55 It’s their culture

If it doesn’t surprise you, that the last continent to be discovered, could end up being the seat of world political dominance, then you shouldn’t get surprised, by Chinese taking the position either, because the Chinese have literally been fighting for this position for four thousand years.

Chinese globalization has been a crucial part in history of Eurasia. It’s been a Chinese philosophy, from the dawn of time to believe the emperor of China held on to a legislative power given to him from Heaven, and his reign extends, to everyone under heaven, I believe, under heaven applies to every one on planet earth, apart from those who do not believe in heaven of course, the Chinese has a government that rules supreme, and is proud of its heritage. and want their language has gone a long way, their currency is fast becoming, the worlds legal tender.

disinfect my cash from covid-19 meme
how to disinfect paper money from covid-19
5. It’s their culture
If the next virus was the zombie apocalypse

44 The Chinese are smarter than Americans

Yeah we all know the Americans have the best and deadliest, ballistics and fire power, and no country can match their military prowess, China, knows that a full-scale war with the United States will ruin them, but you don’t take a gun to a virus fight, some intelligent Asian head, discovered the weakness to all this massive firepower, was a virus that’s very invisible to the human eye, and doesn’t show symptoms until the carrier infects someone else,
Come to think of it the Chinese have a virology lab that’s a street away from the Wuhan market and this lab is literally a school where students work with dangerous viruses got from bats, and take home as assignments.

In case you never knew China is ranks as the fifth smartest country per population, and the smartest wolf in the pack, becomes the Alpha, and that’s becoming the case soon.

4. The Chinese are smarter than Americans
Chinese products do not last, covid-19 wouldn’t either

33 The Chinese are richer than Americans

Let looking closely at the romance between china and Africa, the Chinese have warmed their ways into the hearts of Africans, like a Man warming his way into the heart of a woman, this has been on going for years and today, virtually every product imported into the African continent, was made by a man with slinted eyes, and has a made in China tag .
The Chinese have so much influence On the surface, the answer is that China is investing in Africa to place the continent on the global map; help African countries develop a sound infrastructure. Below the surface, the answer is different. China is investing in Africa to gain political and diplomatic influence, as has been the case in So
Economic Growth
As at the time of writing this article the top four largest banks in the world are Chinese banks, the largest banks in the United States comes up in the fifth place, this a price that China has been the financial capital of the world, literally every began to open up and reform its economy in 1978, GDP growth has reached almost 10 percent every year, and more than 850 million people are out of poverty. Today, China is an upper-middle-income country and the world’s second largest economy. But its per capita income is still only about a quarter of that of high-income countries, and about 373 million Chinese are living below the upper-middle-income poverty line of US$5.50 a day. China’s GDP is second only to the world’s power United States of America.

3. The Chinese are richer than Americans
This is how 5G kills

22 Chinese products don’t last

It’s a well know fact that Chinese products never last, the Chinese are probably counting on this fact, and hope by the time the virus is steamed out completely, they would have had enough time to lay claim to the throne. because, it will die out first, in the place where it originated from.

The Chinese also delayed in informing the world about the corona virus, until it had traveled past their border, this resulted in other countries having multiple imported cases of the virus. For some reason the virus also manages to thrive better in America compared to other countries like it was designed specifically for the American climates.

2. Chinese products don’t last

11 The Chinese planned ahead for the virus

If it wasn’t Chinese making, how come they were so prepared; building hospitals to house, thousands of people, in few days. They knew a lot of people will die, even before they died, they probably just sacrificed few, of their citizens as collateral damage. which worth it, since it was for the, weaken the United States and promote the Yuan backed economy.

China is fast recovering already,meanwhile America and its citizens are dying and in total confusion. the Chinese government even accused the American government, of creating the virus, just to divert attention, from itself. and Trump was smart to fire back by calling it a Chinese virus.
China wants to have absolute influence, in Europe, and the world, an important one at that. With this, Europeans will perceive, the Chinese, as Superior to them, because they cured them of an epidemic.

Presently, the Chinese government and Jack Ma, a Chinese billionaire and co-founder of the Alibaba Group, has sent a team of doctors and medical supplies to France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Iran, Iraq, Philippines, and even the mighty United States. This is what the United States ought to be doing, in the first place, as world global power, but the king of the jungle is seriously wounded, another king is quickly filling up his position, and seems to be doing a good job at it.

and it is working just fine for them. They want create a problem, and offer the solution, damn these guys are just too smart.cause this will result in weakening, business relationship between Europe and America, even Trump’s has lost access to his golf courses, and will eventually have to ask for help, from the Chinese government, or risk not playing golf in Europe, ever again. the Italy now relying on the Chinese, for help in combating the virus, and will be forever in-depted to the Chinese. this is means the chines are fast building more allies, and weakening the influence of the United States.

China will eventually make new friends and have stronger allies spread across Europe, anyways, guess It’s a time for China to take the bull by the horn and rise, Yes, it’s time for the Asians to lay claim, to the bloody iron throne.

If you were dumb enough to click on the last meme, please be kind enough to give us your reasons, for thinking covid-19 originated from the new 5G network, in the comment below…

1. The Chinese planned ahead for the virus


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