Gameof2 is a relationship game engine, that helps make relationships more fun, especially during a covid-19 lockdown, intimate questions, on marriages and relationships, can be asked and submitted, on the engine, this will be indexed on google, for access to billions of people, all over the world, that use google, they can see your questions, and will answer them, giving you access to different perceptions, and answers to your questions, by people from different cultures and views.

lock down relationship meme
how not to be single during a lock down

You then have the option of voting the best answers, most relationship questions and topics, being asked on Gamesof2, are usually found on topic-specific message/community sections, this communities include straight, asexual, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual.  Anyone that views a question on google can vote if the question is to be answered with a poll, if otherwise, the question can only be answer by registered members, who stand chances, of winning different prices, every week. Membership registration form can be accessed here and, and the level of experience and expertise needed may often outflank any website because, the school of love can be hard to class, but gameof2 managed to overcome this by creating a point system based on how, useful answers giving, the members with highest points are referred to as councilors and are payed, by the site on a weekly basis.

You have an option of registering on the site now and get paid your experience in answering relationship based questions now, or miss out forever.



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