10the lock-down has helped us sleep better

As a kid, I prayed for days I would wake up in the morning, eat in bed, play, and do nothing all day. God finally answered my prayers in form of the novel corona-virus, Covid-19. All I do daily since the lock-down started is sleep and sleep, till sleep became so boring. My bed has finally become my office. Rush-hour has become a thing of the past since I don’t need to worry about getting late to classes anymore all because I’m now forced to receive lectures online while lying comfortably on my bed. I’ve gained so much weight that my bed is getting depressed, and might sue me too court for over use once lock-down is over.

9No more school?

Who else hates school’s environment like I do. Some overzealous educationist might think otherwise. The truth is, a school is a place where we are forced to pay, just to end up learning lots of crappy information that we never get to use in real life situations. Now that schools are closed due to the pandemic, students have lots of time to focus their energy on personal interests, and develop useful skills in the process.
Yeah, this is the best time to pursue the blogging, or you-tubing career we have always fantasized about, and make good cash, while working at home.

8It has helped improve the ozone layer

We are all scared of contacting viruses, that might kill us not realizing we are bugs, killing the earth that nourishes us. The earth is definitely sick of us, and it has been showing symptoms, in form of flooding, tsunamis and global warming. Human activities have so depleted the the ozone layer which is there to protects us from excessive sun radiation. and this makes the earth develop high temperatures, like we do too, when we are ill.
All this has been happening unchecked until nature decided to turn against us in form of covid-19. The shutdown of industries and human activities have been in favor of the ozone layer. This means the world has gotten a lot healthier and it is probably hoping the pandemic lasts for a long time, or never even goes away.

7The virus has helped to stop wars

People say the enemy of my enemy is my friend but this isn’t the case when the enemy is a deadly virus that’s airborne. and doesn’t care if you are on the right side of a war or not. Nor when it’s an enemy that can’t be killed with lead bullets. There have been reports, of multiple seize fires. Countries that used to be at war, have dumped their once deadly weapons, and are now working together, towards the goal, of fighting a mutual enemy. Normally this can be regarded as good news, until we realize the war continues, once the virus is steamed out, guess its more honorable, for a man to die from bullets, than from viruses, our eyes can’t see. Anyways lets enjoy this virus-ed air of peace, while it lasts.

6Covid-19 has made my next examination more predictable

Guess what, covid-19 just made the next school examination questions more predictable and fun. This is because post lock-down exam questions, will definitely be about the viral virus, and will contain questions like;

Who was the author that wrote the Novel “corona-virus”?
Mention types of corona-viruses, and indicate which, can be treated by injecting disinfectants into the body?
What does the term “flattening the curve” mean and explain it’s effects in relation to the demand and supply of toilet paper?
What does the term Chinese virus mean?
Explain how 5G network energy can be converted into a corona-virus?
covid-19 can be transmitted through farting true or false?
Drop more examples of questions, in the comment section

5Covid-19 caused manner to fall from heaven

Covid-19 seems to be a sort of manner from heaven. This is because, majority of the world population which had to leave their homes in the early hours of the morning to fend for themselves do not have to work anymore. The rich dudes and government that didn’t care much about the poor masses have suddenly taken interest and resorted to giving out freebies, and food items to them just to coerce the poor into staying back at home. We’ve heard rumors, that some governments plan to change the verse of the bible.

which says “For even when we were with you, we commanded you this: If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat”
“For even when we were with you, we commanded you this: If anyone will not work, then shall he eat”.

2 Thessalonians 3:10,

4Social media became more active during lock-down

Social media has been a lot of fun since the first day the lock-down order was implemented. Everyone is bored, jobless, and wants to go viral. Various online challenges have been introduced for friends and followers to hop on. Hilarious skits are being uploaded on tik-tok and thriller apps regularly. For some reasons, mothers who should be more responsible have caught the social media challenge virus rubbing poop on their kids. They go as far as uploading videos of disgusting acts on social media.
Anyway, I eventually got to register an instangram account for my pet, Labrador, and hosted a successful live video chat room with more than a thousand viewers. I never imagined a day would come when humans would get so bored and would turn up for an instangram live session hosted by a dog. Come to think of it, I might not be a celebrity yet, but I’m managing one presently.

3Stay at home order made cheating on spouse extremely difficult

The stay at home order has made it extremely difficult for couples to cheat. Being in lock-down means every married person is restricted to staying home with their legal partners only. Married men can no longer leave their homes for a quick one with their side chicks neither can their WAGS (Wives and girlfriends) sneak into night clubs with wedding bands missing, hoping a hot dude hits on them.

2self isolation period is a good time to reflect

The lock-down period is a good time to sit, look inwards and reflect on our lives. We all need to ponder on where we are coming from and where we all are heading to. Life can be reflected on in many ways, which include,but not limited to taking a walk down memory lane. We can get in touch with who we used to be, and use this information to help us improve. Doing this regularly helps us grow as individuals and moves us closer into making positive changes in our lives.

1Covid-19 has made online stay at jobs more attractive

After looking inwards and reflecting on life generally, I realized I had to research into ways of earning money while sitting at home. Who knows if the lock-down ends up lasting longer than expected. It is also possible for a new strain of corona-virus to come up, resulting into another stay at home lock-down. I had to be ready this time. I had to learn how to earn cool cash without leaving my bed.


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